Ask Yourself


Do you wish you had taken more time to build the faith in your children?


Do you feel retirement should be spent doing something noble, contributive in the second half of your life? 


Do you want to learn how to collaborate with your Adult Children who are the in passing on the faith?

Family Evangelism

Do you have any tangible, age-based strategies on how to pass on your 

faith to your children or grandkids?


Do you have a specific intentional blueprint for passing your faith to future generations after you die?


Have you taken the time to consider what God is calling you to be & do in your role  as a family spiritual leader?

Learn About

Vision / Mission


Everyone is called to be on mission. Every Christian family needs a vision and mission to equip current family members and guide descendant family member for Multi-Generational influence. 

Message & Methods


Creating a clear spiritual message and using proven methods for building multi-generational faithfulness are essential to your spiritual leadership and legacy. 

Engaging Your Family


 Implement your Multi-generational Spiritual Legacy Plan with passion and humility.  Leave a spiritual legacy that will impact both your living & descendant family.  

Retreat / Workshop/ Coaching

April 24, 2020

Church of the Ascension

Overland Park, KS 

-Patriarch event (fathers/grandfathers 50+ years old)


-Grandparents event (husband/wife grandparents)

-Shepherds event (fathers under 50) 

-Family vision, mission, methods facilitation available

NOTE: Specific event dates to be determined. 

Multi-Generational Spiritual Leadership


Families Building the Kingdom of God Through

Multi-Generational Legacy of Faith


Assist families to create a Faith Legacy

Plan for Passing on The Faith to both 

living and descendant family members.  


Live With An Eternal Perspective.